Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating and frustrating physically, financially and emotionally. Victims may experience subtle cognitive, behavioral and sensory alterations resulting from relatively mild head injuries where there is no obvious injury to the brain on PET scans or MRIs. Or they may suffer from profound brain damage resulting in persistent vegetative state, lock-in conditions or irreversible harm to cognitive thinking, mobility, speech, hearing and other major body systems.

At Hill and Bleiberg, LLC, we are experienced advocates for brain injury victims. We provide compassionate, knowledgeable counsel and representation to these victims and their families.

A History Of Results

The personal injury attorneys of Hill and Bleiberg, LLC have successfully handled brain injury cases for almost 30 years and have experience working with prominent facilities and medical specialists in the field throughout Georgia and the United States.

We have secured record verdicts and settlements on behalf of brain injury victims all over the state. Gary Hill and Robert Bleiberg have been active members of the Georgia Brain Injury Foundation and the Brain Injury Association of America for many years. They understand the unique issues and challenges inherent in cases of catastrophic injury, and they know how to leverage that understanding into successful results for clients.

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