Wrongful Death Lawyer

When accidents turn fatal, they often leave family members and other survivors devastated. At Hill and Bleiberg, LLC, we have provided compassionate, dedicated service and representation to families for nearly 30 years.

Our lawyers have secured substantial verdicts and settlements in wrongful death cases, including some of the largest awards in the state.

Wrongful Death Law In Georgia

The state of Georgia has unique laws surrounding fatal accidents and wrongful death claims. Typically, a jury in a Georgia wrongful death case must determine two things:

  • Economic damages — These include the actual expenses associated with an individual's death, such as funeral expenses, lost income or medical bills.
  • Noneconomic damages — In many states, the value of a life depends on its value to the deceased's survivors. However, juries in Georgia are asked to determine the full value of the life of the deceased. It is a lawyer's job to present this value effectively to jurors and ensure that they fully understand the value of the victim's life.

Even if the accident that caused the death of a loved one took place outside of Georgia, it may be possible to apply Georgia law to the case. At Hill and Bleiberg, LLC, we are experienced attorneys. We know how to position your case in the best possible way to maximize your chances of success.

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