Construction Injuries

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. Contractors and site owners are obligated by law to provide a safe environment for workers and others who are legally on the premises. In most cases the first available compensation is from the workers compensation coverage provided by the employer of the worker who is injured. Under the law the employer paying workers compensation can generally not be sued for negligence and pain and suffering. This immunity may also apply to other contractors and the owners of the construction site.

There are many other possible sources of recovery for negligence other than the employer, general contractor and owner of the project. In every construction injury there should be a comprehensive review of all parties involved in the project, the contracts between the parties , the materials and equipment and planning of the work. These investigations often lead to other sources of recovery for the serious injuries that can occur in the construction industry.

Industry standards, OSHA regulations and investigations, and industry specific legislation and rules such as MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Administration) must be investigated and analyzed in order to determine if there is any additional compensation available to an injured worker.