Pedestrian Injury

The focus of any pedestrian collision with a vehicle is the timing and location of the vehicle and the injured person. Specific evidence from witnesses, the type and location of injuries, vehicle damage, debris and road markings are essential to proving fault. Although the pedestrian who is out of the legal crosswalk is at a disadvantage, the law establishes that "even a drunk pedestrian has a right to cross the roadway without being negligently injured."

Cases involving children such as darting out into the roadway are common and often are successful because juries expect drivers to anticipate that children may be playing near neighborhood roads. Our Alpharetta injury law firm has long experience handling such cases involving pedestrians.

There are few true experts who have studied pedestrian and vehicle collision however we have successfully worked with some of the best in the field to prove how physical evidence can establish fault even in the absence of eyewitness testimony.