Product Defects And Recalls

Any manufactured product which is defective and causes injury may entitle the victim to a money recovery. The defect can be the result of faulty manufacture or, unsafe design, labeling or warning. The list of possible products responsible for consumer injuries is endless. Some of the more common claims involve automobiles, tools, industrial equipment, toys, ladders and flammable clothing. Too often children or workers are the victims of defective or poorly designed products.

Georgia provides a basis for recovery under theories of negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty. The law is complex and proof involves a complete review of the product design, development, manufacture and labeling requirements. We are proud that Hill and Bleiberg, LLC has been responsible for the improvement of safety features on cars, industrial equipment, batteries and other products where we have brought lawsuits against manufacturers. The opportunity to actually improve the safety of dangerous products that affect millions of consumers is one of the most rewarding results in an attorneys career.

  • Automobile/Crashworthiness
  • Automobiles/ Manufacturing Defects