Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists and those riding motor scooters are particularly vulnerable to collisions. Although they have the same legal rights on the highway drivers of larger vehicles often fail to see or adjust for motorcycle riders on the roadway. Hazardous roads or defective highway design have a greater effect on motorcyclists than they do on drivers of cars or trucks. Consequently, motorcycle riders have a high accident rate and even relatively low speed collisions can cause serious injury or death. Amputations, broken limbs, burns, traumatic brain damage, head injury, serious scarring, and lacerations are all common results of an motorcycle collisions.

Motorcycle riders have the same rights under the law to compensation caused by the carelessness or negligence of another driver. Still, the bias and prejudice of many who have never experienced operating a cycle is a fact that must be accepted and overcome. No motorcycle crash victim should receive lesser treatment under the law because of the type of vehicle they were operating when they were struck. We have used experts such as police motorcycle instructors and patrolmen to explain and educate both insurance companies and juries to both the rights and special dangers motorcycle drivers face. Every case can be made stronger when experience and effort level the playing field.